My experience with the transformation game at the Soulcollage® International Facilitator Conference in Sorano, (Italy, june 2019)

At the SoulCollage® International Facilitators Conference in Italy, I had the great opportunity to participate in a Pathway, called the Transformation Game, facilitated by Carlo Amadeo Reyneri. The combination of the Transformation Game with SoulCollage® is a powerful instrument to raise our consciousness.

Life is a metamorphosis and has lots of changing processes. The transformation Game allows you to observe the way you “play” your life and your experiences. It helps you look at a situation or a problem you are facing that needs to be transformed. Then, it permits you to take a zoom and observe it from different perspectives that you haven´t looked before. It supports you in clarifying old beliefs and attitudes, changing reaction patterns and allows you to take a glimpse at your personal strengths.

The game begins with players choosing an individual playing focus, which provides the foundation for the game. As we were 10 participants, we played in pairs. Each pair had to decide the subject they intended to transform. My playmate and I focused on our professional development. After, the pairs had to move on the game board, with the help of a dice, following their life path. On each square of this path there was a life experience, that provided an Insight, a Setback or an Angel support. In this game, Insights are ´truths that you need to remember and steps you might take to realize your goals`. Setbacks refers to ´blockages on each level that are keeping you from achieving your focus`. Angels are ´spiritual qualities that have come to help you through your Transformation process`.

With game development we passed through all the levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. We gained awareness and got free of pain. We became more conscious about our life and specifically about our purpose at the game. During the game we have done a lot of SoulCollage® Cards related to subjects that were emerging. It was very important to keep our Goal in mind and to Focus in it strongly during the game. As we were playing, the experiences provided clarity, understanding, feedbacks, new directions and insights.

At the end of the game, Carlo asked us to choose a SoulCollage® Card, from the deck of cards that we made in Sorano. At this moment, my angel of compassion came and talked to me about my profession, caring and feeling loved. I´ll share with you, part of this dialogue:


“I Am One Who will help you feel safe so you can take better care of the others.

Treat yourself with affection and tenderness. Give yourself time and start to meditate.

Learn also to appreciate the little things around you, then suddenly your days will become magically more beautiful, full of love and surprises. You will feel very welcomed and peaceful, like you have never felt before! You will feel my magic presence.”

Both, the Transformation Game and the SoulCollage®, work with our imagination and creativity and help us to sharpen our intuition. After the closure of the game, it became clear to me the aspects I should pay more attention and prioritize in my professional life.

I want to thank Carlo so much, for sharing and teaching us about this amazing game, and for handling all the delicate moments with a lot of wisdom.  

I want to thank Joanne, my pair in the game during all this week, that helped me to support all the Setbacks that we had (there were lots!).

My Gratitude goes to all the other playmates, Alva, Carol, Dolphin, Fabiana, Mary Ann, Nina, Peggy and Tzahali, that shared with me during this week precious moments of laugh, joy, sadness, surprise, cooperation, compassion, acceptance, support, miracle and love.

A special gratitude goes to my son that made this journey possible!


Tanise Teruszkin Wiedermann is a Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist and Facilitator of SoulCollage®. She specialized in Clinical Psychology, Jungian Psychology and Cognitive Comportamental Psychoterapy. Tanise has worked as a Regional Group Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 2016 to February 2019. She offers SoulCollage® Workshops, Introductory Courses of SoulCollage®, women groups and sees patients at her private clinic, Espaço Yaalom, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For further information, please contact; +55 21 99916-9705 (phone and WhatsApp) or checkout her site:

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